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AECOM proud to support Strength of Spirit Games

As we look forward to the Plymouth Strength of Spirit Games and Armed Forces Day, AECOM reaffirms its commitment to supporting veterans and their families. This year’s Strength of Spirit Games event will take place on Thursday 27 June.

AECOM are proudly serving as headline sponsors for the Rehabilitation Triathlon and the inaugural The Plymouth School Sports Partnership Junior Rowing Challenge at Plymouth Hoe and Tinside Lido. This inspiring adaptive tri where Service Personnel on recovery duties and Veterans compete in swimming, cycling and rowing events, demonstrating both resilience and grit.

AECOM is the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm, with a strong presence in the UK, including a significant office in Plymouth. For years AECOM have been committed to helping veterans transition from military service to rewarding civilian careers. Understanding the challenges that come with this transition, AECOM actively seeks to leverage the invaluable skills and experiences that veterans bring to the table.

A History of Hiring Heroes:

At AECOM, recruiting individuals with military backgrounds is deeply ingrained in the company's culture. Their UK & Ireland team boasts a workforce of at least 200 veterans, including the Chief Executive of Europe and India. AECOM actively collaborates with organisations like the Career Transition Partnership, BuildForce, and the Officers' Association to promote career opportunities within the company to the Armed Forces community.

Unlocking the Power of Transferable Skills:

While certain roles within AECOM, such as project management and defence-related work, align naturally with veterans' expertise, AECOM acknowledges that veterans have far more to offer. Leadership, organisational prowess and effective communication are just a few of the strength’s veterans contribute that are invaluable to both the company and clients. The ability to engage with diverse stakeholders and deliver results efficiently makes former Service Personnel a significant asset within AECOM's workforce.

Finding the Perfect Fit:

While defence-related projects form an essential part of AECOM's portfolio, the company offers a wide range of career opportunities across the globe. Veterans contribute to meaningful projects that make significant impact on our communities and lives. Whether within national security or infrastructure development in general, veterans can leverage their unique skill sets to imagine, influence, inspire, and deliver transformational projects. AECOM understands that transitioning from military service can be a daunting process and offers a robust support network to help veterans connect with colleagues who have undergone similar transitions, easing their integration into civilian careers.

Work-Life Balance and Benefits:

AECOM believes that a healthy work-life balance benefits both employees and the business. Therefore its Freedom to Grow philosophy offers flexible, hybrid work options tailored to meet client needs, team collaboration and individual preferences when determining work schedules and locations. Additionally, reservists enjoy the benefit of 15 extra days of leave to fulfil their military commitments. AECOM prioritise mental health and mentorship in a supportive network, meaning each individual is given the tools they need to thrive.

Continuous Development and Growth:

AECOM is dedicated to the professional growth of all employees, including veterans. Through AECOM University, personnel can engage in continuous development programs covering various subjects, from health and safety to the company's sustainable legacies framework. This commitment to learning ensures all employees remain at the forefront of their respective fields.

Celebrating and Amplifying the Veteran Community:

AECOM takes pride in its engagement with the Armed Forces community and celebrates veterans' achievements through various initiatives. The company sponsors other events including the Royal Engineers cycling and triathlon club and the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards. Discover more about opportunities for veterans and how AECOM can help build a fulfilling career beyond the military:

Armed Forces Week

Armed Forces Week in Plymouth kicks off on Monday 24 June. The week features an array of events, starting with official ceremony raising of the Armed Forces flag, followed by a two-day British Army Recruitment Event with hands on activities, vehicles, simulators, a climbing wall and more. The inspiring Strength of Spirit Games Rehabilitation Triathlon and the inaugural Junior Rowing Challenge takes place on Thursday 27 June and ends in the grand finale Plymouth Armed Forces Day on Saturday 29 June with a full day of celebrations, parades, demonstrations, entertainment and an evening concert - all free to attend!




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