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Air Demonstrations

Watch the air demonstration Plymouth Armed Forces Day, flying over Plymouth Sound from 4pm.

Swordfish W5856


AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers

Note: The air demo is planned for, but subject to weather and other commitments.

You can also get up close to the Merlin Mk4,  located on Plymouth Hoe and chat to aircrew and engineers from 846 Naval Air Squadron.

Swordfish W5856

W5856, the oldest surviving airworthy Fairey Swordfish, first flew on Trafalgar Day, 21 October 1941. Built by Blackburn Aircraft at Sherburn-in-Elmet, she was delivered to 82 MU (Lichfield) on 20 October 1941 for transport to Gibraltar. She served with the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet for a year, likely patrolling over the Straits from North Front, Gibraltar, before being refurbished at Fairey’s Stockport factory in winter 1942/43.

Despite being considered obsolete by WWII's start, the Swordfish, nicknamed ‘Stringbag’ for its versatility, carried a variety of weapons, including torpedoes, depth charges, bombs, mines, rockets, and flares. The type is renowned for the November 1940 Taranto attack, which crippled the Italian battlefleet, the torpedo hit on the Bismarck’s steering gear leading to its sinking, and the February 1942 “Channel Dash” where six Swordfish were downed trying to stop German ships.

The Swordfish's most critical role was protecting Atlantic and Arctic convoys by forcing enemy submarines to remain submerged and ineffective. Swordfish sank 21 submarines during the war, mainly while escorting Arctic convoys to Russia, and were responsible for the highest tonnage of enemy shipping sunk by any allied aircraft type.


W5856 is now maintained and operated by the charity Navy Wings, funded by public donations. ​

Photo credit: LHoward

Wasp-1 (1).jpg

Wasp XT420

Wasp XT420 is painted as 422 of HMS Aurora Flight. She was built in 1964 and at various times served with 706 Naval Air Squadron (training) and the following ships flights of 829 Naval Air Squadron:  HMS Nubian, HMS Hecate, HMS Aurora, HMS Ajax. XT420 also served with HMS Hecla (Falklands) with red crosses painted on, in the casualty evacuation role. 


The Wasp served in its primary role with 829 Naval Air Squadron (NAS), but also in training units to supply crews for the front line with 706 NAS between 1965 and 1967 and in 703 NAS between 1972 and 1981. Although effective as a submarine killer, it was best deployed paired with a Wessex HAS Mk3 submarine hunter. It was taken out of front-line service in the late 1980’s with the introduction of the Westland Lynx.


It was brought back into full operational service when war with Argentina broke out in in 1982 following the invasion of the Falkland Islands.


Wasp XT420 is now maintained and operated by the charity, Navy Wings which is funded by public donations. 


AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers

The World’s Only Aerobatic Formation Wingwalking Team!

Since 1984, UK based, AeroSuperBatics Ltd have been operators of famous airshow teams including the Crunchie Flying Circus, The Utterly Butterly’s, Guinot Wingwalkers and the Breitling Wingwalkers. With breath-taking performances showing throughout Europe, Middle East, China, Japan, India, Australia and the Philippines.

They are Guinness World Record holders and have featured in numerous TV shows wingwalking with world renowned athletes and celebrities.

The display will include two biplanes, with a Formation Pair performance, with an adrenaline-packed routine of formation low level aerobatics, flypasts and visually dramatic opposition manoeuvres.

Whilst looping & rolling in close formation, the fearless wingwalkers will perform breathtaking and perfectly synchronised acrobatics on the top wings of 2 beautiful and colourful Boeing Stearman biplanes.

Experiencing up to 4 times the force of gravity and reaching speeds of 150mph, they will regularly change position and wave gracefully throughout, elegantly rotating both sideways and inverted on the swivelling rig seat, demonstrating strength, coordination and precision.

AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers
Merlin Mk4
Merlin MK4.jpg

Merlin Mark 4 (Mk4) Helicopter (static)

Get up close to the Merlin Mk4 which will be located on Plymouth Hoe and chat to aircrew and engineers from 846 Naval Air Squadron.


846 Naval Air Squadron is one of the two frontline Merlin Squadrons that make up the Royal Navy’s Commando Helicopter Force. The Squadron fly the AgustaWestland Merlin Mk4 and are the home of the Operational Conversion Flight. 846 Naval Air Squadron is historically an amphibious assault squadron, delivering Royal Marines from ship to shore. The Squadron has provided battlefield support in a number of operational theatres, including the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Merlin Mk4 helicopter is currently in service by the Royal Navy, and it features several modifications for use by the Royal Marines. These include a fast roping beam that allows the rapid deployment of Special Forces from the main cabin door.

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