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Plymouth Armed Forces Community Covenant is our formal commitment of mutual support between the city’s civilian, Veterans and Armed Forces communities. It raises awareness of the issues affecting the Armed Forces and Veterans’ community and ensures that they are not disadvantaged in any way.

The Covenant is championed by four, co-operative, community theme groups that focus on: Veterans; Children Young People and their Families; Serving Personnel and the Business Community. The Covenant seeks to meet its aims through a flexible and ever evolving plan of action. Plymouth is unique in that it has the only active themes based Covenant working groups to develop good practice and maximise the impact of the wider Covenant agenda.

Plymouth Armed Forces Covenant supports local initiatives to access grant funding that is enabling us to continue to develop our Forces Friendly Local Authority, that includes the unique Veterans’ Care Navigation Pathway. We have a dedicated Service and Veterans’ Children’s officer, supporting our schools and settings and the only Covenant in the United Kingdom that includes, actively, young people at the heart of its membership, through the partnership it has with Military Kids Club Heroes.  


We are the only Covenant with a Military Kids choir provided through our Covenant pledges within our action plan.  Plymouth Military Kids Club Heroes is the biggest cluster in the country with over 60 member schools.

To find out more, visit the Plymouth Armed Forces Covenant website.


Dear Soldier

by Plymouth Mayflower Young City Laureate Holly Peters 

Listen to the beautiful poem read by the Plymouth Mayflower Young City Laureate Holly Peters.

You can read the Poem here.


MKC Heroes, formally HMS Heroes, was founded in 2010, in Plymouth, to support Service and veterans’ children during the high number of deployments to areas of conflict.

The club began with 40 local children, to give them a voice, and today, there are over 10,000 members, across the United Kingdom and beyond.

MKC Heroes is now an important part of The Royal British Legion, representing their Service and veterans’ children and young people section.


MKC Heroes is a club for Service and veterans’ children and young people, led by the members, who support each other and ensure the voice of their community is heard.



'this is me'

Enjoy one of MKC Heroes Choir songs 'This Is Me', performed for Plymouth Armed Forces Day.  The song is a great reminder for us to be  strong and resilient.


Performed by Emily, George, Lewis and Rebecca.