Look to the skies where there will be a fantastic air display from the Red Arrows, Navy Wings Heritage Flight Sea Fury and a flypast from the RAF Spitfire from 5.10pm to 5.55pm.

All of the below is subject to change.

Photo credit to Ultimate Shot - Sam WhitfieldOne Plymouth and Navy Wings.


Spectator safety is the highest priority of Plymouth City Council and the air display is run and regulated within the strict guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.


The air display will take place over water and to protect mariners a Maritime Exclusion Zone (MEZ) will be place. Mariners please check the timing and boundaries of the MEZ, adhere to the rules and obey an instructions given by the waterborne stewards.


Land-based spectators are naturally contained within the safe area by the waterline with the display area offshore, this year we have some additional land based exclusion zones at Jennycliff and Mount Edgcumbe. Please refrain from encroaching on the display areas. To do so puts you at greater risk and, ultimately, could make the Flying Display Director suspend or cancel the display

5.10 to 5.18pm | Navy Wings Heritage Flight Sea Fury T20

The Sea Fury is one of the fastest single piston-engined production aircraft ever built. It was the last propeller driven fighter to serve in the Royal Navy, entering service two years after the end of World War II.

A masterpiece of power and performance, the T20 generates great interest and excitement at air shows around the country.

Photo Credit Lee Howard - Navy Wings

5.20pm to 5.25pm | RAF Spitfire Flypast

Produced in greater numbers than any other British combat aircraft before or since the War, 20,341 Spitfires were built in 22 different variants (including the navalised Seafire) and the aircraft remained in production for 12 years.

The prototype's maiden flight took place on 5 March 1926 and Mk1 Spitfires entered RAF Service in August 1938.

Photo Credit Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

5.30pm to 5.55pm | The Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team

The Red Arrows will be making its first appearance in Plymouth since the national event in 2012. The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team is one of the world's most premier acrobatic display teams. 

Representing the speed, agility, and precision of the Royal Air Force, the team is the public face of the service. They assist in recruiting to the Armed Forces, act as  ambassadors for the United Kingdom at home and overseas to promote the best of British.

Flying distinctive Hawk fast-jets, the team is made up of pilots, engineers and essential support staff with frontline, operational experience. 

With their trademark Diamond Nine shape and combination of close formations and precision flying, the Red Arrows have been displaying since 1965.

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